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RevShoppe formed like all unexpected things: From a burst of raw, inexplicable energy, the right spark at just the right time.

Life at Revshoppe

While working with global revenue teams to elevate their messaging campaigns, RevShoppe’s co-founders realized Sales Execution stretched far beyond the perfect copy and cadence; the right words didn’t mean anything if they weren’t supported by the right systems, or being executed in the right way.

Despite the co-founders being in (literally) different corners of the world, an idea was hatched and a vision was brought to life, resulting in the RevShoppe programs delivering success for clients today.

The company has quickly grown into an enthusiastic bunch of schemers, dreamers, doers, and thinkers with a shared commitment to delivering unrivaled client experiences. We’re helping shape the terms of a fresh, evolving space, and we’re navigating the way forward with optimism and excitement.

We believe in honoring shared virtues to guide us on our path.

Bring High Energy

We are enthusiastic and show up prepared to deliver our best work on time, every time.

Dream (really) Big

We dream big, then make those dreams a reality.

Show Gratitude

It’s a privilege to serve our partners and clients. We’re deliberate about expressing gratitude.

Make Zero Assumptions

We’re curious and seek to understand why.

Be Radically Transparent

We tell the kind, hard truths from a place of support and understanding.

Constantly Learn

We take time to self-reflect, seek out opportunities to learn, and we compete with ourselves, not each other.

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We’re a group of sales engagement experts that are passionate about creating lasting value.

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Patricia McLaren

Co-Founder & CEO

I love creating lightbulb moments for customers – the “aha” feeling once it clicks – and uncovering new opportunities that were previously buried under complexities. Aside from RevShoppe, I’m a yoga instructor and love bringing those principles of honesty, discipline and wisdom to my professional life.

Frank Pinder


I joined RevShoppe after serving as the Executive Vice President of Digital Transformations at Corporate Visions, where I remain an Advisor. I’m passionate about instilling global continuity in executing effective sales strategies across diverse business units, regions, and solutions portfolios, and revolutionizing how organizations engage with customers and drive revenue growth. I believe in pushing boundaries and I’m thrilled to be leading RevShoppe into helping shape the next generation of enterprise sales.

Headshot of Josh

Josh O'Brien

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

I got my start as an entrepreneur when I was 13 years old after selling my gaming accounts so I could start trading stocks – which later paid for my first car. My obsession with customer experience sparked from my time working in fine dining. I discovered that I could influence the buyer's experience with minute details from beginning to end, like silverware being placed one thumb knuckle’s length from the end of the table (yes, that precise). Now I apply this level of thoughtfulness and intention to our customers at RevShoppe so they can deliver the best possible buying experience.

Headshot of Jason

Jason Vargas

Co-Founder & COO

I love understanding what makes things work by breaking it down to its fundamental components, finding a new way to look at it, then putting it back together. At RevShoppe I experience this every day, and I find so much joy listening to what customers are trying to create, showing them a new way to create it, then building it together. I apply this same curiosity to my love for travel, food, and wine. If I could make a career traveling, drinking amazing wine and eating amazing food... Stick a fork in me, I’m done.


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