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Pelago Optimizes Its Outbound and Sees a $5M Increase in ARR Per Rep

Pelago's inspiring mission of providing assistance for substance use management was hindered by uncoordinated, unsuccessful outbound efforts. Following an engagement with RevShoppe focused on creating a foundational, repeatable outbound playbook, Pelago (formerly Quit Genius) saw staggering improvements across their outbound numbers, including a $5M increase in ARR added per rep, 4x growth in revenue opportunities at the top of the funnel, and an entire SDR team landing at 130% to quota.

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StarCompliance Optimizes its SEP and Reduces Administrative Time by 40%

StarCompliance enlisted RevShoppe's aide for a complete overhaul of their Sales Engagement platform, resulting in the elimination of compounding operational issues, the creation of highly customized automations and motions, and a collaborative content library enabling amazing buyer experiences.

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PatientPop Implements Repeatable, Scalable Sales Process and Generates $17M+ in Pipeline in One Year

Using SalesLoft cadences developed by RevShoppe, PatientPop’s SDRs achieved faster inbound response times and increased number of quality meetings booked.

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Segment Delivers Record Quarter with Fresh Messaging and Workflows by RevShoppe

Segment is a customer data platform that builds software to help connect every customer touchpoint into a single user record to fuel everything from personalization to insights. With more than 500employees and a growing sales team with aggressive goals, Segment needed a partner to help enhance their sales motions. By adding operational rigor to their existing workflows and sequences, sales development reps (SDRs) were able to engage their buyers more thoughtfully, scrap their spreadsheets and complete tasks and follow-ups within Outreach. Quickly after, Segment reported massive increases in their SDR’s performance and productivity — these tactics delivered record quarters for meetings booked and qualified opportunities.

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"I've looked/spoken with other companies/agencies to undertake similar tasks and projects, but I was drawn into Revshoppe because of their approach.They are thoughtfully designed but flexible enough to wrap around our own processes and challenges. The support and consultative approach is also very impressive- its important to understand it's not 'one size fits all', and they have the right approach from the outset."

Raj D.

director of sales development, emea

"Revshoppe gave us frameworks and systems and mission-critical rep level enablement training, delivered with big smiles, that are key to driving effective change management and positive results. For us to the tune of millions of dollars in outbound sourced opps that would eventually become closed won new business."

Andrew K.

Director, global sales development

"The RevShoppe team was the most engaged, helpful, and fun team of partners I've ever worked with. Our internal processes were quite complex, but we were always able to come together, discuss possible solutions, and work through all challenges. Jason, Paige, and Patty are exceptional communicators and followed through with all things surfaced, small or big. They made sure to check in and always offered up great advice/tactics."

Becky H.

senior manager, sales development

"I partnered with RevShoppe to help us build specific sales messaging for five core product lines for my team...They delivered on that but ended up providing so much more... from integration expertise, implementation of our sales engagement platform, best practice advice and consulting, conversion tracking, and leading and driving inter-departmental meetings and team training to maximize effectiveness all around."

Brandon T.

Director, Worldwide Sales

I could write a 5 page article on how much of an impact RevShoppe has had in our organization in such a short amount of time. Their team works day and night to keep us moving forward, they've helped us with a ton of heavy lifting, and immediately built great internal and cross-functional relationships at our company.

Lauren W.

VP, Global Sales Development

"I love how available the RevShoppe team is, and how willing they are to help think through and support (and then execute on) challenging topics related to our project needs. They really go all-in to understand our instance, SFDC connection, and the complexities that come with supporting a global enterprise organization."

Lillian S.

senior manager, global marketing operations
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