PatientPop Implements Repeatable, Scalable Sales Process and Generates $17M+ in Pipeline in One Year

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Who is PatientPop?

PatientPop is the only all-in-one practice growth solution that empowers healthcare providers to improve every digital touchpoint of the patient journey. From the first impression online, to digital booking and post-visit follow-ups, PatientPop makes it easy for providers to promote their practice online, attract patients, and retain them for life.




PatientPop needed to quickly scale its sales development team to meet increasing demand for its product.


The company used the combined power of SalesLoft and RevShoppe to enable more effective sales operations, cadences, and team training.


By establishing one centralized system for SDR workflows, PatientPop improved lead prioritization and eliminated over 28,000 unnecessary overdue tasks, resulting in $17+ million in pipeline generated.



After experiencing significant growth, PatientPop realized it needed to quickly scale its sales development team to meet increasing demand for its solution. Yet onboarding sales development reps (SDRs) at such a fast rate also meant there was little time to ensure they’d be fully proficient in SalesLoft.

Additionally, the team lacked an internal, dedicated Salesloft expert to optimize cadences consistently, which made it challenging to create a repeatable and standardized process for each of the 134 users in their SalesLoft instance. Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, noted, “Rolling out a new process to a 100+ person team is no easy task no matter how good you are at it. We were seeing poor utilization of the platform which led to lower results.” As a result, PatientPop’s SDRs were unaware of how SalesLoft could help make their workflows and their day-to-day job responsibilities more efficient.

With little insight into how to incorporate SalesLoft’s automation to streamline processes, they were instead manually adding high volumes of inbound leads into SalesLoft cadences, which took time away from value- added activities. Additionally, while PatientPop has a strong inbound channel, the SDRs were not achieving expected results in opens, clicks responses, and ultimately, pipeline generation.



SalesLoft and RevShoppe Team Up to Bring Greater Efficiency to the PatientPop Sales Team

To fully maximize their investment in SalesLoft, the company partnered with RevShoppe to enable more effective operations, cadences, and training. Together, SalesLoft and RevShoppe enabled PatientPop to optimize their cadence messaging for inbound and outbound prospects, and now, the SDR team continues to evaluate its cadence on a weekly basis to improve performance and generate more pipeline. The entire strategy was orchestrated by the RevShoppe team and their methodology of driving emotional messaging and a cohesive inbound and outbound cyclical engine.

SalesLoft and RevShoppe also worked closely across various departments at PatientPop, including Sales Operations, Marketing, and the broader Sales team, to optimize data flow between Marketo, Salesforce, and SalesLoft. As a result, PatientPop was able to better understand how customer and prospect data was entering its systems. Lastly, through its use of SalesLoft and RevShoppe, PatientPop established automation rules, field mappings, and proper tagging processes to remove the responsibility of SDRs to put inbound leads into respective cadences, dramatically improving the speed-to-lead ratio as well as overall prospect engagement.

The RevShoppe team also held two-day onsite training sessions for both SDRs and AEs to ensure anyone using SalesLoft and RevShoppe would be able to effectively incorporate it into their daily workflows. Dorsey reflected that the training helped bring the solution full circle with the team. He shared, “When my managers came up to me and said ‘we got it, we finally got it.’ When I started seeing our email volume increase and people excited by the responses they were getting. It all came to the peak when they came on site and trained our team face to face. That’s when all the lightbulbs really started to go off in people’s heads around how much better they could leverage the tool.”



Over $17M in Pipeline Generated in the First Year of Using the Combined Power of RevShoppe + SalesLoft

Once PatientPop implemented SalesLoft across its various departments with the help of RevShoppe, the company immediately started to see faster inbound response times as well as an increase in the number of meetings booked.

By establishing one centralized system for SDR workflows, they improved lead prioritization and were able to eliminate over 28,000 unnecessary overdue tasks. As a result, this amounted to over $17 million in pipeline generated.


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