Segment Delivers Record Quarter with Fresh Messaging and Workflows by RevShoppe

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Computer Software - Customer Data Platform
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Sales Operations, Global Sales Development, Customer Success


Segment is a customer data platform that builds software to help connect every customer touchpoint into a single user record to fuel everything from personalization to insights. With more than 500 employees and a growing sales team with aggressive goals, Segment needed a partner to help enhance their sales motions. By adding operational rigor to their existing workflows and sequences, sales development reps (SDRs) were able to engage their buyers more thoughtfully, scrap their spreadsheets and complete tasks and follow-ups within Outreach. Quickly after, Segment reported massive increases in their SDR’s performance and productivity — these tactics delivered record quarters for meetings booked and qualified opportunities.




Increased new pipeline from low-intent inbound by 32% with fresh triggers and messaging in under 90 days


SDRs saved 10 hours per week by automating tasks in Salesforce and Outreach


Increased reply rates by 12% and pipeline conversions by 9%

A New Standard

Record quarter for qualified opportunities and meetings booked for Enterprise and Commercial teams



Workflow Efficiency

Segment couldn’t deliver the experience their buyers deserved due to the extreme volume of inbound leads. SDRs were managing tasks and follow ups out of Salesforce or spreadsheets and they couldn’t follow up with all prospects as quickly as needed.

Messaging Strategy

With a variety of revenue channels and a high volume of inbound leads, Segment dealt with the challenge of having thousands of sequences in their Outreach instance. Having too many messaging paths was overwhelming for the SDR team, and the messaging content itself did not yield the engagement results they needed to achieve quota.

Reporting Attribution

Segment wanted a better way to see which sequences and touch points were leading to meetings, pipeline and revenue. It was proven difficult to track success across multiple variations of workflows and messaging without standardization or governance in place.




Customize revenue attribution dashboards providing leaders with a holistic view into the sequences and actions that drive pipeline, revenue and meetings booked


Reconfigure Outreach settings and governance based on our knowledge around what works, to drive higher productivity and desired rep behaviors


Design and implement a new standard of discipline for maximum output, taking SDRs out of spreadsheets and Salesforce and into Outreach


Further streamline Outreach workflows by installing automations, plugin settings, and triggers which automatically tag and route prospects to the appropriate sequence


Create thoughtful, intentional messaging flows for each buying signal balancing automation and personalization based on account tier


Arm revenue leaders with the skills needed to identify operational gaps and coaching opportunities for continued rep enablement




By sorting and routing inbound leads based on priority and intent, Segment saw a 32% boost in new pipeline. Segment also significantly decreased lead-response time while simultaneously increasing the number of follow-up steps, resulting in 44 meetings booked from low-intent inbound prospects that SDRs had previously left untouched.

Time Allocation

Using sequences developed by RevShoppe, Segment’s team moved out of spreadsheets and developed an automated process that triggered inbound leads directly into the appropriate Outreach sequences daily. Removing unnecessary manual tasks allowed reps and leadership to save an average of 10 hours a week and focus on selling.


A new process was created that considered Segment’s account tiering model, so that more of the reps’ time was spent on top tier accounts, while tailored messaging for low-tier accounts was automated. This system allowed reps to create more thoughtful engagement through creative touch points like video and social, for their most valued prospects. By automating follow-ups and fine-tuning messaging, SDRs increased reply rates by 12% and started more quality conversations.



Outreach is one of the most powerful sales engagement platforms on the market. To unlock its full potential, you’ll want a partner like RevShoppe who has the passion and prowess to design workflows which support every unique sales motion. After just 90 days, a rapidly-growing organization like Segment is now able to fully align the way they engage their buyers to their desired sales processes.

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