StarCompliance Optimizes its SEP and Reduces Administrative Time by 40%

Rockville, Maryland
51-200 Employees
Financial Services
Teams Supported:
Marketing, SDR

An Influx of Inbounds - and Issues

One only needs to be around Melissa Macatuno for mere minutes before it becomes clear: This is a woman who gets things done. 

But when she stepped into her role as Global Marketing Director at StarCompliance, a leading provider of regulatory compliance software, she didn’t anticipate her wide-ranging responsibilities would include establishing  a brand new SDR team. 

After a few months of trial and error, Macatuno realized the existing SDR strategy and tools weren’t built for scale, and took a great step towards optimization by implementing Salesloft.

A new ABM strategy brought in a 4-5x influx in inbound leads. But the SDR team, even with the help of Salesloft’s suite of tools, was unable to adequately stay on top of every lead–leaving roughly 30% untouched. Simply put? The team’s conversion rates weren’t scaling alongside the dramatic increase in inbounds.

‍To complicate things further, the reports Macatuno was pulling from the platform didn't present a clear picture of what was going wrong. "It became obvious that the data I was pulling from our instance wasn't the right data to explain the issues or how to fix them," she says, "let alone inform me if our overall strategy was even working."

‍With operational issues compounding and leads slipping through the cracks, Macatuno needed a solution- and fast.


“We had too many priorities and not enough prioritization”

Macatuno and her team are an example of many companies who adopt Sales Engagement platforms: In it for all the right reasons and with the right aspirations, but without a grasp on how to best utilize the technology for their own strategies and motions. 

After a cursory glance at her SDR’s efforts and the reports available in Salesloft and Salesforce, Macatuno realized several issues demanded immediate attention:

  1. Data reporting and analysis. When pulling up reports or tracking prospects, Macatuno’s team wasn’t able to make accurate attributions or infer accurate insights. All their hard earned data was nearly worthless for designing the best strategies because they weren’t able to effectively access and analyze the right information. 

  1. Misaligned technologies. Salesloft and SFDC weren’t efficiently speaking to one another, resulting in an overflow of incomplete tasks, unsynced data, and time lost to repetitive administrative work rather than engaging leads. As Macatuno puts it, “There were too many priorities and not enough prioritization.”

  1. Content: Macatuno prided herself on the partnership between marketing and sales in creating their sales copy, but their existing library of content didn’t support the new inbounds coming in. With the launch of an outbound motion on the horizon, it was the right time to tighten up their messaging.


RevShoppe and Macatuno's team got to work

"RevShoppe uncovered over two-dozen operational issues within the first two weeks of the project," Macatuno says. "It quickly became clear how much I didn't even know what I didn't know."

Macatuno involved her SDR team in the project from the start, enabling expedited progress and adoption. RevShoppe explained all their findings and fixes, particularly around data-syncing issues between Salesloft and SFDC; the StarCompliance team was provided thorough guidance on every aspect of optimizing their instance.

As her RevShoppe consultants provided immediate solutions to operational issues, they used leftover time to proactively create highly customized triggers and automations based on StarCompliance’s unique strategy.

"The process just made sense," Macatuno says. "RevShoppe felt like an extension of our team. And I couldn't believe how fast we were able to move, how immediate the results were."


The Accomplishments

  • Customized automations and workflows. RevShoppe created a dozen highly customized triggers to route the inbound leads, ensuring leads received quick responses and traveled along the right engagement path.
  • 30-40% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks. The operational fixes and custom automations freed reps from bottlenecked tasks and repetitive manual work, empowering them to focus on effective engagement.
  • Cleaner, more actionable data. This resulted not just from better synced SFDC and Salesloft accounts, but as a direct result of the custom reporting created and implemented by RevShoppe. 
  • Collaborative, hybrid approach to creating content. Macatuno felt her team’s work with RevShoppe was a true partnership. Her team wasn’t just handed content and copy, they were coached and incorporated into the creation process and taught best practices for designing the most effective cadences.


"We felt like we were the only clients"

Discussing her team's time with RevShoppe, Macatuno stresses the experience itself. “I loved the weekly stand ups and overall project structure, but what really stuck out were the unexpected things: the ability to map to my preferred timeline, the proactive creation of all the new custom fields and automations, the attention to detail. The RevShoppe team went above and beyond."

She continues, "We felt like we were the only clients. I didn’t have to wait until our next scheduled meeting to speak and problem solve with the Revshoppe team. When we needed help, they were always only a phone call or instant message away. There was no bureaucracy. RevShoppe not only looked under the hood and got things done, but they acted as a liaison between us and Salesloft. They beat down doors for us, and they made sure things were done right.” 


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