Every great team has a game plan

When it comes to operations, we focus on establishing a strong foundation to support the buyer experience, not just the business operations. We’ll help you build a documented game plan for how your sales engagement strategy is maintained moving forward and who is responsible for it.

Unknowns slow you down

Who turned on that toggle? 

Was this always configured this way?

Why aren’t the right dynamic fields working?

Cue the Systems Operating Model

We believe “process makes perfect.” A Systems Operating Model maps out the who, what, when, where and why tied to your sales engagement operations, so you never question again. Align your teams and departments involved in any systems, governance, reporting changes, and roll outs related to your sales engagement platform and integrated tech stack.

Full speed ahead

Through our Operations Program, you can expect positive outcomes across these three areas: 

Process Improvements

We’re your configuration co-pilot. Your sales engagement engine needs custom alignment across data fields, settings, and CRM stages for maximum output. We provide best practices and automation so everything is running effectively and efficiently. 

Adoption Rates

The biggest risk with new technology purchases is adoption. We’ll configure your systems so you can see how your team is using their toolkit. You’ll get quantitative metrics on your sales engagement platform like total daily activities, prospects added, and steps complete on-time.

Speed to Lead

With proper data flow, we can measure the speed of follow up with prospects, before and after process changes. You’ll see clear progress metrics across leads engaged, conversion rates, and new pipeline.

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