When to Automate Sales Emails by Persona

August 25, 2022

TL;DR Not everything should be automated, but it can be a robust asset in your overall outreach strategy. Think of your automation in terms of personas, with more customization for higher-tier leads, and more automation for lower-tier ones. See our chart for a clearer breakdown. 

Automation is a powerful tool for your messaging strategy, but it shouldn’t be your messaging strategy. Over-automating can alienate potentially valuable leads, while under-automating can have your sales force chasing low-quality contacts instead of bigger fish. 

So, how do you find the balance? The short answer: think about your persona. Which leads require a customized, personal touch, and which can be contacted with a more standardized approach?

We recommend personalizing high-tier personas and automating low-tier personas. 

Our Sales Engagement research suggests the following automation strategy:

High-quality leads require high-touch levels of customized communication. It can be easier to personalize these messages; after all, sales reps usually have more data on these leads. Reaching out to a decision maker or influencer with a targeted value proposition is much more likely to be successful than relying on an automated template. 

For middle-of-the-road leads, a hybrid approach can help save your sales reps time without sacrificing effectiveness. An effective Sales Engagement plan follows the First Touch Rule while automating follow-ups. In other words, start the relationship with a personalized email and use that information to build the relationship with automated messaging afterward. 

Finally, lower-tier personas by definition have the least amount of available information and potential to close. However, that doesn’t mean reaching out isn’t important! But rather than have sales reps exhaust themselves with customized messages for each lead, spend the time creating a powerful automation and outreach campaign for this persona.

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